Happy Match Day 2014!

I haven’t yet had time to update, but Match Day was last Friday, and…I MATCHED! I remember writing the first ever blogpost on this site last year after Match Day, when I felt so envious of my classmates who knew what they were destined to do. And now, finally, I get to say that I will be a dermatologist!

Since pictures speak 1000 words

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8 responses to “Happy Match Day 2014!

  1. Wow! congrats! Still a long way to go for me. I have to get into medical school first hah. Is match day really as fun as it looks in your post??

    • Match Day is a whirlwind of emotions; there is a lot of build up of anxiety leading up to the day culminating in (hopefully) relief and happiness after you open that envelope. Stanford does a great job at making the day into a celebration of our achievements, with a Match Day ceremony and a nice dinner reception sponsored by the Stanford Medical School Alumni Association. You have a lot to look forward to!

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