The Deceptive Salary of Doctors – an infographic


An often hotly debated topic in med-related forums is physician compensation. I’ve read countless articles written from a doctor’s perspective, and those articles are usually filled with math and long sentences. I found this infographic particularly refreshing, as it puts the numbers into pictures that, well, a middle school student should understand. After all, when I was working at NBC, I was told that anything you write news-wise for public consumption should be tailored to a 6th grade comprehension level. That is why I love infographics. Enjoy!

Salary of Doctors

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6 responses to “The Deceptive Salary of Doctors – an infographic

  1. This is truly enlightening. Didn’t know the hours and debt for a doctor would be that much. Ouch! I should show people this when they think I’m doing it for the $$!

    -niq (

  2. Calculation is easily skewed. Whoever made the graphic appears to have overlooked that the 28% tax rate is the marginal tax rate for the last ‘portion’ of income earned (cutoffs depend on how one files… single, married filing jointly, etc). Actual ‘average’ tax rate is much lower, and this is a common mistake in net income calculations.

    Nonetheless, thanks for sharing the fun infographic… would love to see a coriented version.

    Jeremy Etzkorn, MD

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